Public Art Manifestation : Between the Lines


Aires Libres is an annual public art event whose objective is to provoke new encounters between the diversified public of the Sainte-Catherine Street pedestrian area and works of contemporary art. While satellite events contribute year after year towards making Aires Libres a key summertime happening, this year it takes on entirely new dimensions. In addition to photographic panels punctuating the pedestrian walkway between Saint-Hubert and Papineau, the entrance to the Beaudry metro station will, this year again, be taken over by a large graphic fresco, and five sculptures designed specifically for the event will revitalize the urban walkway.

The theme of the 2014 edition of Aires Libres is Between the Lines. Each artist has responded to the call according to his or her own respective research interests. Where some artists work directly with lines in a more formal manner, whether through drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, or digital or photographic media, others address the theme’s metaphorical aspects, examining grey areas, recognizing underlying elements that require a certain reflection, a more sustained gaze, before they can be revealed in all their complexity. Of course, these two interpretations can be considered together, sometimes within the same work. It becomes up to the viewer to define the limits. 

Between the Lines is also a nod to urban cartography, to the interlacing streets that form the grid within which Aires Libres’ pedestrian area is situated. In this sense, landscape designer Claude Cormier’s Boules Roses broadly outlines an urban plan that has the distinction of being at once both cultural and cosmopolitan, with no aim other than to generate new perspectives on public art.

Aseman Sabet
Between the Lines, Aires Libres 2014



Valérie Blass
Catherine Bolduc
Louis Bouvier
Patrick Coutu
Nicolas Fleming



Cynthia Girard
David Lafrance
Max Wyse



Jim Holyoak et Matt Shane

Place Dupuis)

Jean-Benoît Pouliot



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