Aire Banque Nationale


Located on the corner of Ste.-Catherine street and Wolfe, the 2015 edition of Aire Banque Nationale exposes a six walls luminous panels structure with a completely reinvented design. 


¨Une journée à la Montagne¨ (A Day in the Mountains)


This is a tale of an extraordinary voyage on the snowy slopes of the most beautiful peaks in the world, from Mount Everest to Mont-Tremblant.


This is the fruit of a quest, a quest for the achievement of Reveries of a Solitary Walker by Rousseau, akin to meditation: somewhere, a bear fishes but observes helplessly as a ruthless salmon tries to upset the food chain equilibrium; elsewhere, we curl up in a hammock, we walk in the mountains. We study the stars: an eagle passes in front of Aquila, its constellation. We climb up a rope, we play miniature golf because the difference in altitude makes it more interesting! Animals are camouflaged here and there and beyond the presence of human beings, peaks come thick and fast and dream catchers turn this progression into an initiation ritual. At the convergence of extravagant landscapes, where Andy Warhol and David Hockney have certainly found themselves lost, the hiker can chose or not to snap himself out of the dream.


The inspiration that fuels Glasgow contemporary design studio is undoubtedly eclectic. Our approach is based on any one thing that leads one to smile or to ponder, in addition to anything we are firmly passionate about: history, geography, visual art and graphic design. Very little sparks a relentless creative process, such as a short sentence or the color of the sky. We enjoy searching for day-to-day stuff that no one notices and turn them into something exceptional. We enjoy contemplating and refining, and when our works steal a smile or a reaction we hit upon real energy and find our reason to press on. The material we use: words, ideas, stories, naïve drawings, nothing deep, just pur enjoyment.


Our illustrations borrow from comic strip technique: starting with contours and then applying color in solid tint. We juggle around with materials and texts on dummies before transposing them on a graphics table with the aide of computer graphics. It is only then that we decide to express simply and in a whimsical way concepts and feelings that echoes within us all.