Galerie blanc


Commissariat par Nicolas Denicourt
Dominique Pétrin
Sonny Assu
James Kerr / Scorpion Dagger
Live Wild
Victor Ochoa
This exhibition is a remix of the past, the present, here and elsewhere. Drawing from digital and popular culture, as well as early painting, the works presented revisit visual codes in order to better shift their meaning. These manipulations project the cultural heritage specific to each artist and invite us to reflect on the way we define our identity. Playfully displayed, the artworks are driven by a taste for eclecticism, comprising various referents and symbols that have influenced the artists’ creative process. They explore notions of exchange and authenticity at a time when images circulate on an unprecedented scale. Echoing a changing world, Juxtaposition showcases practices focused on new possibilities generated 
 by digital technologies.