Josée Pedneault

Various works


Josée Pedneault’s research articulates and questions our intimate rapport with the world while evoking grand poetic themes such as nostalgia, existential quests, or unfulfilled desires. Her photographs most often present themselves as contemplative visual clues which, while going through an accumulative process, do not lead to any fixed or definitive reading. This atmospheric and suggestive method leaves a coherent and rigorous impression that the spectator can complete by means of his own mental makeup.


Within Aires Libres, Pedneault pursues her Naevus project, which stems from a birthmark that appeared on her back at the age of seventeen. In 2014, the artist started a geographical search in the hopes of finding an island whose shape matches that of her birthmark. Drawing from search engines, databases, but also from past works, her investigation becomes a basis, a pretext, taking different photographic directions, evoking at times geographical reliefs, sometimes dermal ones, where vegetal, mineral, bodily or abstract textures converse. The project as a whole is presented as a projection, an idealist wandering that approaches Earth as a primeval, borderless location, where we search for an island whose very existence is uncertain. It is here that the notion of self-sufficiency subtly unfurls, somewhere between the utopic fiction that she supposes and the autonomy with which the artist proceeds, as she draws from her past to trace unbound, multiple, and forever open-ended ramifications.