The Société de développement commercial (SDC) of the Village, in collaboration with the Ville-Marie Borough, is pleased to announce the renewal of its AIRES LIBRES cultural pedestrianization, which will be held from May 3rd to September 24th on East Sainte- Catherine Marie Street, between Saint-Hubert Street and Papineau Avenue.


Even this year, we will once again have the privilege of celebrating summer in a pedestrian environment, but also we are celebrating the 11th anniversary of AIRES LIBRES. This will be the opportunity to find the new version of hanging balls that the landscape architect Claude Cormier has redesigned last summer (after 6 years of pink balls). Indeed, last year a new canopy of bowls featuring the six colors (in three shades) of the rainbow flag, 18 different colors, was deployed over 1 km above pedestrian Sainte-Catherine Street between the streets St-Hubert and Cartier. Thus, for this eleventh edition the public will once again be able to walk under the 180 000 balls with the rainbow effect.


The beautiful days finally arrived! Restaurants, cafes and bars of the Sainte-Catherine pedestrian Street offer to the population more than 50 terraces for discovering! In addition, the lived experience of the pedestrian street of the Village, whether day or night, will be more "green" since the public will be able to find the 150 weeping willows that have grown since last summer. A project also designed by Claude Cormier. Evening lighting has also been increased on the balls to create more atmosphere during the long summer evenings. The suspension bridge concept developed by Architecturama is also back and it will be possible to literally "float" over the balls by going on the bridge near the TVA building. Nearby, the participative installation titled "Musical Bikes", an achievement by Julien and Stéphane Leblond will always be present during the summer.


Regarding the artistic aspect, the curator Nicolas Denicourt has chosen the following artists for the 2018 edition of AIRES LIBRES: Dominique Pétrin, Sonny Assu (in collaboration with the Biennale of autochthon Contemporary Art), the Live Wild Collective, which will be exhibited at the Galerie blanc (corner of Wolfe), in addition to James Kerr / Scorpion Dagger (in collaboration with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts) whose works will be exhibited at the Galerie blanc and the ten backlit modules on the street pedestrian.


"This new exhibition offers a remix of the past, present, here and elsewhere. These visual manipulations project the cultural heritage of the exposed artists. All presented in a fun course, marked by different signs and symbols that have influenced the career of each. »
(Nicolas Denicourt)


In this regard, the Galerie blanc was created last summer and offers a unique concept created by Alexandre Berthiaume of Futil Design. This is an open-air art gallery concept, which offers an outdoor exposure experience all year round. Forty luminous works interpenetrate in this environment to create a place of wonder and reflection. Accessible at any time, the Galerie blanc's mission is to facilitate meetings between art and the public.


Finally, remember that AIRES LIBRES is the most important and oldest initiative of "cultural pedestrianization" in the Borough of Ville-Marie. And in addition to all that has been mentioned, AIRES LIBRES will welcome in the coming months many other events of the most varied.


This 11th edition of AIRES LIBRES is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Borough of Ville-Marie, the Labatt Brewery, without forgetting the SDC of the Village which is the instigator.