Marcel Dzama Various works
Jean-Pierre Gauthier Un proche à venir
Agathe Bray-Bourret La serre
  AIRES LIBRES is an annual public art event which unfolds from May to September on Ste-Catherine Street’s pedestrian walkway between St-Hubert and Papineau. This year’s participating artists were invited to reflect on the notion of empathy at the intersection of their respective approaches. “Politics of Empathy” probes the implications of our capacity to project ourselves in the emotive experience, and broadly, the cognitive experience, of the Other. Going beyond the strictly political, it aims to inquire into the various forms of the empathetic attitude. What are the limits of empathy? Can we really have access to someone else’s ... Read more
Patrick Bérubé Nos bergers
Jason Cantoro Wishes (coloured people series)
Manuela Lalic L'Éden du peuple
Frédéric Lavoie Motus Animi Continuus (Mouvement perpétuel)
Sayeh Sarfaraz D pour Démocratie
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