David Armstrong Six Rimbaud's Pocket
Dean Byington Various works
Alicja Dobrucka Various works
AIRES LIBRES is an annual public art event which unfolds from May to September on the pedestrian-only section of Ste-Catherine Street East between St-Hubert and Papineau streets. The 2016 edition brings together different issues on the principle of autarchy in contemporary times; in other words, on the possibility of living self-sufficiently in today’s word. The seven artists in this year’s programming approach these issues with conceptually diverse strategies that do share some common threads. The frequently evoked rapport of nature and culture often suggests an introspective and open dimension. The spectator is asked to drop rigid interpretations in order to... Read more
Michelle Furlong La plongée
Mathieu Latulippe Mémoire d'éléphant
Josée Pedneault Various works
Jonathan Villeneuve Les chargeurs de potentiel
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6th edition
Pink balls +
Claude Cormier + Associés
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